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A Moment Poem

Copyright 2010
Don't let life slip away... Capture this moment for a lifetime, today.
By Jill A. Bochicchio
My child sleeps sweetly in my arms,
I watch tenderly as he breaths so softly,
'Oh to caputre this moment, to keep this day'
A mother's lament for time goes away.

We should have a portrait of him at this age,
But maybe we should wait for older days,
But his knees are skinned and his hair is a mess
Maybe we should wait till she can wear that special dress.

She's at that awkward age now, she is 6,
Her front teeth just fell out.
We can't photograph this.
The teeth are in but the braces are on,
Maybe a little longer when the blemishes will be gone.

A family portrait, you say?
Oh No, not today.
Let me lose 10 pounds,
And wait till my double chins have gone away.

Our lives rush by,
Its another year.
Our children have kids of their own,
And we're not any younger, I fear.

The grandkids are coming next week, did you say?
Don't let life slip away,
Let's not put off that family portrait another day,
Capture this moment, for a lifetime today.

Jill A. Bochicchio
(301) -881-5770

BOCHICCHIO PHOTOGRAPHY, 11413 Farmland Drive, Rockville, MD, 20852

Also considered North Bethesda, MD 20852